Gap Analysis

Kanda InfoTech consultants identify and analyze any gaps between organizational needs and the core capabilities of the package or system to be implemented. Recommendations and implementation plans at this point combine the best practices captured in these core features with those mastered and practiced in the organization.

Configuration and Customization
This most critical stage of the Package Implementation life cycle is one of Kanda InfoTech' core strengths. Our implementation methodology provides a framework of controls to ensure quality at each phase of implementation.

Technical and Integration Support
Conversion of all legacy data: A glossary of data is created and the approval of line and top managers is taken.

The steps involved are:

Defining a data migration plan
Developing routines
Data migration

Defining technical and architectural interfaces with different systems, packages, and technologies

Kanda InfoTech' team-based approach helps users in gaining hands-on expertise even while the implementation is in progress. Kanda InfoTech implementation methodology emphasizes knowledge sharing and training to ensure that end-users and in-house maintenance staff are trained on the packages and systems.

Upgrade Services
Kanda InfoTech has fine-tuned its methodology for package and system implementation upgrades to support customers looking to gain from new features provided in later or newer versions of software. Retaining customizations that are particular to packages or systems implemented is a key success factor in Kanda InfoTech' approach to upgrade services.

Combining best practices, skills, and experience across Kanda InfoTech package and systems implementation groups with the offshore maintenance service - Kanda InfoTech offers a unique value proposition to customers to maintain the their package solutions and systems. This includes enhancements and bug fixing. The offshore model ensures that customers get maximum value for investment -- from increased throughput and from relieving their technology staff of repetitive and time-consuming maintenance tasks.