Kanda Jewelers
started what was going to be a flourishing family business, in the prime location of Birmingham. They began with crafting exquisite Gold Jewelry and soon adopted an impressive gamut of concepts and designs.

Master craftsmen from all over India and UK, with specific skills in jewelry designing are responsible for producing the intricate designs that Kanda Jewelers is famous for. Truly the pride of India's collection, the fine and unusual jewelry has assured Kanda Jewelers not only an ever-growing clientele all over Europe.

Kanda Jewelers takes ample pride in its competency to create and promote ground breaking marketing phenomenon. We acquire our greatest gratification from the ability to establish a vision that exceeds that of most. Our aesthetic thinking breaks the technological barriers to make our perception a reality. It is our vision, our attentiveness for industry (or market) trends, and our technical expertise that successfully makes our clients the vanguards of the industry. We derive pleasure when our clients are envied by their competitors and are recognized by their peers as trend setting industry leaders.